Who we are

We are pioneers in distance-controlled Building Management Services.
We have a background in Building Management Systems (BMS) and we are experts in energy performance.

Our highly responsive and motivated team of around 20 is committed to tangible results.

Our organisation:

  • BMS specialist unit
  • Energy Services specialist unit
  • IT and R&D specialist unit

We serve the managers of major office blocks and large-scale tertiary facilities including office buildings, shopping malls, logistics platforms and retail outlets.

Tenants of offices buildings and shopping malls

Facility managers of offices buildings and shopping malls

Property managers of offices buildings and shopping malls

Owners of offices buildings and shopping malls


Retail outlets and business parks

Since 2007, Ergelis has implemented systems and deployed services in more than 150 buildings.

Savings to customers in 2015 were worth 4 M €. Carbon abatement was 8000 tons.

Ergelis was set up in 2004 with the aim of improving building energy performance.

We focus on the twin factors that are key to an effective energy and cost-saving approach.

Enhancing control-command systems: The tools for building managers can be hard to handle. Our work goes to the roots of the problem. There are two, opposite causes:

Heritage systems: age as root cause of poor performance.

New systems: complexity can lead to sub-optimal performance.

Careful analysis is the key to improvement—retrofit, extension, modification or replacement in whole or part of heritage systems. Resolutely pragmatic, we identify special features and trade off customized against generic solutions. We focus on investment in energy efficiency to bring the highest returns in the shortest time.

Deploying energy management services: New communication technologies bring cutting-edge technology for energy efficiency. Our concept of remote operations and the strong cooperation we implement between the maintenance teams and the “energy managers” platform are keys for success . We are at the forefront of change in building management… Towards an “energy driven” maintenance.

This is an exciting and high growth business opportunity – for us and our customers. The measure of your appreciation is the savings we achieve.

In July 2014, Ergelis joined the Atalian group. We are very proud to continue the development of our company with new customers and on new territories, alongside our new partner ; we are convinced our solutions are complementary and, together, bring enhanced value to customers.

Florence Tantot and Benoit Dubois-Taine

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2 rue Ambroise Croizat,
91120 Palaiseau, France.
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    Our Address

    2 rue Ambroise Croizat,
    91120 Palaiseau, France.
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