Energy management

Our solutions rely on the new capabilities of smart communicating systems. Buildings are connected to the outside environment and interact with it. Today’s smart technology allows energy managers to monitor performance from distant platforms with support to on-site local teams.

  • Optimized remote management of facilities
  • Operational supervision and acknowledgement of alerts
  • Distance support to local teams
  • Reporting
  • On-going calculation of energy and cost savings (IPMVP standard)
  • Recommendation on energy services and subscribed power

Guaranteed energy savings

  • Optimized remote control of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Distant monitoring of multi-building technical and energy performance
  • Support to property managers and/or local teams

 Rigorous cost control, lower property management expenses

  • Internet-enabled energy consumption and cost monitoring
  • TV displays
  • Dashboards and on-going performance displays
  • Targeted energy audits
  • “Green lease” support services

 Asset inventory and enhancement services

An energy manager® for my building…

  • Has detailed insight into building technical and energy performance.
  • Uses tools for distance monitoring of performance and alarm raising on dysfunction.
  • Works in close cooperation with the maintenance team.
  • Delivers objective assessment of building performance.

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